Friday, August 5, 2011

Simply Delicious

If you’ve ever been in the Glendale area, then you must have either heard about or been to Porto’s—a long standing Cuban bakery/cafe. Porto’s is a family owned bakery offering a variety of desserts, and the like. If you’ve every gone inside on a weekend or major holiday then you know the madness that exists within its four walls. Porto’s caters to thousands of customers on a weekly basis. Why??? Because its sooooooo greattt!!!! I’ve probably tried about half of the offerings at Porto’s and have loved everything. From their red velvet cake to their chocolate mouuse to their croissant sandwiches, everything is to die for. My personal favorites are the cheese rolls, the guava strudels, the fruit tarts, potato balls and hmmm….maybe everything!! And incase you were wondering, Porto’s does catering and party planning as well. So next time you’re wondering where to get a yummy sweet treat from, GO TO PORTOS!! To check out their selection visit


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